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Whats life without beauty?

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Thoughts! [11 Dec 2003|01:17pm]
Well this year has flown by so fast I don't even remember much of it. We have moved 4 times this year and been through a lot of ups and downs but always looked through the situation rather than looked at it. God is amazing at what he has done for our little family this past year. Does he work in Mysterious ways or what? Many a lesson has been learned from the creator in this short year. I have learned a lot about myself as well as the people who surround me. Why we are the way we are, and why we do the things we do, and why things happen to us. Once you receive this revelation there is no question you can't answer really. The father is my one and only authoritative figure. The one and only person who can help me in any way. Faith has been my rock, no matter what is thrown my way the battle has already been won. There is no greater power than he.
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Virtual Open House [16 Nov 2003|09:41am]
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[25 Aug 2003|07:30pm]
The Princess Bride
I'm sure it's no big surprise to you that your
romance is The Princess Bride. A heartwarming
tale of "Twue Wuve" that has giants,
Spainards and swashbuckling. You really do
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be a touch naive but your heart is certainly in
the right place. You've probably got one of
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My life [25 Aug 2003|11:16am]
I am starting a series of Journal entries about my life. This will be the first of many.

My name is Michelle Kaye Baxter- maiden name Ramsey. I am now 21 with a family of my own. This is where it all began.
I was born to Janell Blanchette and Michael Ramsey in the fall of 1981. My mother gave birth to me on September 9th 1981 at a St. Patrick's Hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana. My parents weren't yet married when I was born and already had one child together, my brother Joshua Blanchette. My mother and father were married when I was 3 months old. Soon after mine and my brothers names were changed to Ramsey. We Lived in Louisiana until I was three years old. My earliest memory was being put to sleep for my tonselectomy, I can still smell the gas every now and then and remember the doctors counting down from 100. We moved around alot. We moved three times in my first three years in LA. There wasn't much work for my parents in Louisiana. My mother was a dispatcher for the Fire department where my grandfather was the fire cheif for some 30 years. My father worked for several different factories. At that time all of my family lived in LA. All grandparents,aunts, uncles, and cousins. We had a very close-nit family. Once work ran out, we moved to New Mexico. We didn't live there very long, almost a year. My father has always been a union worker, so he heard of good work in Georgia. He left New Mexico to Georgia to check out the work available. He found what he was looking for. My family and I moved to Georgia in the smallest U-Haul possible. The one you pull on a car. We had nothing but ourselves basically. We moved to Lilburn into a small apartment. We had no furniture at all. We had lawn chairs in the living room and my mom had to search at yard sales to find us matresses to sleep on the floor with. Over the next year we had collected enough yard sale furniture to fill the apartment. My mom is a yard sale feind. Then when I was 4 we moved to a house in Lilburn ,GA. We lived there for about 6 months. I started Pre-K there and this is where I can really trace memories. I made quite a few friends in this neighborhood. I remember wearing my trash bag rain coat to visit my friends on rainey days. I remember my brother riding his friend on the handle bars of his bike and them wrecking and the boys arm was broken. My Aunt Kim and family and my Aunt sherry and family then moved here because of how good the job market was.

I know this is long, if you don't care to read just skip me for a while because I plan to continue! Thanks!!
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50% OFF EVERYTHING! [20 Aug 2003|08:41am]
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OK! [20 Aug 2003|08:33am]
It's been forever and a day since I made a post! Time has been short lately so I apologize, I know you have all missed me so! Hehehehe! The journal life has just been kinda on the back burner. I have been working toward some huge goals and my attention has been needed to be directed only towards them. But, I am back and hope to talk to you all soon! Loveyazz-Michelle
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huh? [19 Jun 2003|10:50am]
Magic Number15
PersonalityFocussed And Driven
TemperamentAn Oft-Exploding Volcano
Likely To WinThe Respect Of My Colleagues
Me - In A WordEvil
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Funny I have no idea where this is. [11 Jun 2003|06:35pm]
You are Virginia-Highlands
You are Virginia-Highlands. You are not as much of
a drunk as Buckhead, but you are too immersed
in pop-culture. Try to diversify yourself
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Codes [05 Jun 2003|12:21am]
Does anyone have a code I can have pleezzz. I'll love ya forever! Promise. Thanks
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[02 Jun 2003|07:45pm]
I need to clean out these products help!!!
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Friends Only [08 May 2003|10:55am]
I'm making my journal Friends ONLY...If you would like to be added please lmk.
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[28 Apr 2003|04:48pm]
I've been thinking allot about John lately. Almost like sensing his presence again. This might sound crazy but, I used to sense him at certain times when he first passed away. I used to listen to music and sometimes it would feel like he was riding in the car with me like we used to. It's been 8 months since he died and I still break down at times. I wish he was here. Since he's been gone we don't hang out anymore. I know that Josh has been thinking of him too. He had a dream about him yesterday. I pray that he is finally happy and with the child he never had a chance to meet. I love you John!
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[11 Apr 2003|12:00am]
WOW! Today I started exercising! and my husband is doing it with me. What a guy. I'll be in shape before I know it and the stress will be whisked awayyyy. We can all do without that lovely word. Well my day has been very good. Can't you tell ? I have nothing to bitch about=) So "today was a good day" like the lovely gangsta melody of Ice cube. Could I have sounded more white?....No don't think it's possible. hehe Things are better today I hope it's the same for all of you =)
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Bull@$#% [09 Apr 2003|09:36am]
My husband has just been informed by his boss that he probably won't be able to go into work at all next week! Isn't this lovely? WOW! Laid off in a not so direct way leaves you wondering. I really don't care if he stays there or not because he doesn't get what he's worth. I just hope this isn't a long term loss =( If you have any suggestions please lmk.
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[09 Apr 2003|12:06am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My Girlfaedancer has inspired me for my new goal =) check it oUT
I've always wanted a phat ride but for some reason I thought I was too old...then reality slapped me in the face! Your only 21!

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[08 Apr 2003|12:35pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

someone please advise on adding links, and member links I can't get it to work =(

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EEEKK! [07 Apr 2003|06:48pm]
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